Python Fundamentals

“Python Fundamentals” Module

  • It is supposed to last one month, two classes per week with 90 academic minutes. Throughout this training, the fundamental concepts of the Phyton programming language will be discussed in detail. The practical component of the training will be interactive, where participants will practice their knowledge in solving various tasks and problems.


  • The training brings knowledge on the importance of profession and technology in increasing productivity, where the foundational concepts of Python Programming are also addressed. The training will cover the installation of python, notification with data types, use of work tools, IF / Else Control Block, Input Output, Lists, Tuples, Loops (While For), definition of functions and their use, built in functions, sets, dictionaries, Lambda Functions, Conceptual introduction to OOP through Python, working with files (csv, xlsx, json), conceptual introduction to Pandas, etc.


  • Participants will gain skills in using modern Python programming tools, where they will know in detail the types of phyton, will gain skills in using IF / ELSE statements, will be able to use rings, define functions and use them in basic OOP concepts in Python. Also, the participants of this course will be able to manipulate files and will understand what pandas’ library for Data Science is and how it is used.

Fee: 109 Euro