Basics of Programming in C#

Basics of Programming in C#

Aim of the training:

In the framework of hands-on C # training course, you will gain comprehensive knowledge of the basics of C # beginners as an object-oriented language for software application development. You will gain hands-on experience using C # and learn how to utilize the .NET Framework Library to produce faster output-level programs. Therefore, Programming can be fun and challenging at the same time.

This course does not assume you have any good prior programming experience. Meanwhile, if you have never written code before we will start and work on building a simple computer application that is very basic and at the same time very important to expand further into the world of advanced programming. Meeting the challenges of the course while mastering the material will be helpful to you and in doing so it is expected that you will create some logic on how to code in a programming language such as C #.

Benefits from This training:

  • Create, compile, and program a simple object-oriented C # computer application
  • Use built-in software development software: Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Write and understand C # language construction, syntax, and semantics
  • Develop .NET components through the implementation of standard interface and design templates
  • Write variables, constants, if statements and loops
  • Create classes with properties and methods
  • Manage multiple objects in collections
  • Save application data to the hard drive.



The total training lasts 24 hours – spread over 3 working days

(9:00 – 12:00 & 13:00 – 16:00) for 3 days


The price for one participant in this training is 140 €