UBT Services


UBT offers support to the enterprises and community by accommodating a wide spectrum of profiles within our areas of academic and business support expertise.  The service domain involves numerous partnerships with relevant public institutions, international institutions and private enterprises.


Through the supply of graduates, the institution makes a major contribution to the knowledge base and innovation in Kosovo and beyond. The institution offers a range of business support and development programs to foster start-ups in conjunction with industry associations, training for prospective investors, incubation for high potential start-ups and companies with export potential.  The following centers are actively operating and contributing to the business community and society:


1 Center for Tourism and Hospitality
2 Center for Statistics, Data Processing and Forecasting
3 Center for Modelling and Simulation
4 Center for Software Development and Innovation
5 Center for Incubation and Start Ups
6 Center for Arts, Multimedia and Culture
7 Center for Cyber Security and Privacy
8 Center for Professional Development and Life Long Learning
9 Center for Knowledge Management and Library
10 Center of UBT SAP University Alliance
11  Center of UNESCO Social Innovation
12 Center for Technology Transfer, IPR and Innovation


The institution aims to commercialize intellectual property through innovation partnerships and other forms of consultancy which involve undergraduate and graduate students by undertaking project on behalf of centers. UBT Service infrastructure fosters closer links between the institution and the business partners. Centers not only provide support for program implementation and research but also actively serve the community and industry.