UBT College has established a modern infrastructure which meets the needs of students as well as academic and non-academic staff (see annex).


The library functions as part of the UBT College and as matter of a fact it bears an international infrastructure across the workspace and services. The UBT College Library has a close collaboration with its international education partners, which provides practical and technological benefits from the use of international libraries in its organization and arrangement.

The main goals of the UBT College library are as follows:


  • To create professional binding ties between academic staff and students;
  • To provide essential literature;
  • To create information and access to electronic materials; Creating the necessary conditions for academic studies;


In addition, the UBT College Library consists of two separate spaces: the space for books and the reading space. This division enables a more efficient service, access to books and, at the same time, the necessary and sufficient quiet in the reading room. The UBT College Library has created an electronic catalog through which readers can be informed of all the material in the library and can apply for books remotely. The library is supplied with books in various international languages. The publications that are usually obtained are from well-known international centers such as Vienna University of Technology, Harvard University, Oslo University, Oakland University, Nice University, etc. There is also a wide selection of literature specialized in the field of International Diplomacy and the angle of NATO and the international committee, which focuses particularly on the situation in recent years in Kosovo. The library is open to students every day from 08:30 to 21:00.


Furthermore, literature and various web links are also available and they provide our students with direct access to e-books and online articles of a scientific and academic nature in various fields.


UBT College students also have access to the National University Library in Pristina, the British Council Library, the Council of Europe Library, and some other opportunities owing to the international support, have been made available to them.


Our mechatronics lab is one of our leading elements, designed by a team of internationally renowned and unique experts, not only in Kosovo but throughout the Balkans. It is currently expanding to support the development and delivery of a new tertiary education program, supported by the European Union as part of capacity building in Kosovo, and supported by three EU universities.

UBT College also has a design laboratory for Architecture students, which gives them comfortable access to internships.




Information technology laboratories, Microsoft Academy, CISCO, computer simulations, CADs and related labs, which are growing, make UBT College a leading leader in information and communication technology.


Moreover it is worth emphasizing that the technical conditions in the institution enable the student to have a normal attendance in the learning process, based on the fact that during the teaching process each student is equipped with a computer.UBT College has all the software needed for good work, teaching and learning performance.

UBT College has a camera system for monitoring the whole facility, which provides complete security of work and individual in the facility.


Besides that, the whole range of teaching spaces is equipped with the most convenient working tools (such as flip charts, overhead projectors, etc.).

Another advantage of the UBT College part of the infrastructure is the creation of cozy spaces for small student groups. In addition, UBT College offers comfortable conditions for these activities:

  • Individual work with students.
  • Analysis of practical work through business simulations.
  • Individual project management consultations.
  • Practice in statistical subjects.
  • Public Opinion Research.
  • Laboratory work containing modern infrastructure.

UBT College has envisioned the construction of a new campus that will enable an even more modern infrastructure and the creation of new places for study and research.


Campus Location
1 UBT Prishtina Campus Prishtine
2 UBT Innovation Campus Lipjan
3 UBT Prizren Campus Prizren
4 UBT Ferizaj Campus Ferizaj
5 UBT Peja Campus – Dukagjini College Peje
6 UBT Gjilan Campus – Arberi College Gjilan
7 UBT Austria Office Vienna
8 UBT Hungary Office Budapest


UBT Services Infrastructure


UBT Services are supported through the following infrastructure and labs:



  • UBT Clinical Training Lab
  • UBT Radiology Lab
  • UBT Biochemistry II Labs
  • UBT Microbiology II Lab
  • UBT Reanimation Lab
  • UBT Physiology Lab
  • UBT Histology Lab
  • UBT Pathology Lab
  • UBT Dentistry Material Lab
  • UBT Dentistry Workshop Lab
  • UBT Periodontology Lab
  • UBT Oral Medicine Lab
  • UBT Oral Surgery Lab.
  • UBT Prosthetics Lab
  • UBT Pediatric Dentistry Lab I
  • UBT Surgery Lab I
  • UBT Surgery Lab II
  • UBT Surgery Lab III
  • UBT Radiotherapy Lab
  • UBT ORL Lab.
  • UBT Gynecology Lab.
  • UBT Pediatric Lab.
  • UBT Nefromatology Lab.
  • UBT Oftamotology Lab
  • UBT Dermatology Lab
  • UBT Pomology Lab.
  • UBT Urology Lab.
  • UBT Cardiology Examination Lab.
  • UBT Intern Treatments Lab
  • UBT Dermatovenology Lab.
  • UBT Oncology Lab.
  • UBT Physiotherapy Lab.
  • UBT Neurology Lab.
  • UBT Psychiatry Lab.
  • UBT Orthopedics Lab.
  • UBT Hygiene Lab.
  • UBT Public Health
  • UBT Forensics Lab.
  • UBT Conference Room
  • UBT Telemedicine Room
  • UBT Data Processing, Statistics, Modelling and Simulation
  • UBT Biomedical Engineering Lab.
  • UBT Bio Informatics Lab.
  • UBT Internet of Things Lab
  • UBT Wireless Communication Lab.
  • UBT Telecommunication Lab