Projects and Activities

Project and Activities


UBT contribution to the industry and community is based on its wide geographical scope and services that it provides. The education, training, research and consultancy provision offered by organization serves a broad mix of clients. This mix includes international organisations in various sectors; a wide range of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) both city and rurally based; public sector and community and voluntary organisations. UBT also contributed to enhance the social and economic life by using its international knowledge networks to create opportunities for local enterprises, public bodies and community and voluntary organisations to participate in international projects, thereby enhancing their knowledge base, trading networks and effectiveness.

Our stakeholder survey reveals that stakeholders generally percept UBT to be a distinct and quality oriented educational institution.  Generally, labour market institution view UBT graduates as a primary choice when offering employment opportunities.  The industry highly views and trusts our education systems and skills that we provide in ICT, business management, communication, writing and analytical skills. Our graduates not only that have an average of 92% employment rate post-graduation but also have been able to get quality and high incomes jobs in the banking and insurance industry,  business,  public institutions and civil society organizations.  Our focus on improving business practices and systems through academic programs, research and certification programs contribute to increasing business systems and processes at a time when the industry is trying to realign itself into the global business cycle.   UBT provides data and actively participates in the National Statistics Committee, Private Sector Development Agency, National Employment Center,   National ICT Association, National Research Committee etc.

In terms of community contribution, UBT implements an internship scheme where our students serve in rural areas to help farmers and disadvantaged groups and organizations to improve their well-being and subsistence.  Our interns are also part of the national internship scheme and serve in primary and secondary schools to help them in the National Digitalization Strategy by training school administrators and teachers in ICT. Furthermore,  our educational assistance schemes specially assist disadvantaged groups to get the opportunity to study at UBT.

UBT contribution to higher education is based on continued collaborative relations with other providers of higher education within Kosovo.  This has covered joint project in access, teaching and learning innovations.  The organization has contributed positively to regulatory bodies and sought to advance a reputation of integrity, quality and reliability. UBT has strong links with relevant professional bodies which are nurtured through the academic departments and at programme level. Such links will be maintained and strengthened, where consistent with our educational philosophy and pedagogical approaches and where they will be beneficial to learners and graduates.  UBT is recognized for the promotion of international quality and standards in Kosovo,  the most active institution in efforts to internationalise the education system and opportunities in Kosovo and as a venue for high level international experts and knowledge transfer.  UBT students and staff have been beneficiaries of extensive mobility programs of the European Commission Erasmus Exchange programs, Tempus programs, Sigma projects etc.

In terms of contribution to national goals, UBT plays a crucial role, both in developing the ethos and systems of a smarter society and giving people hope through supporting their journey to attain qualifications, engage in research, development work or entrepreneurial endeavour.  UBT has contributed to enhancing employability prospects and personal fulfillment for various segments of the population availing of our services.  UBT has especially made a mark in helping Kosovo become a member in international bodies like IPMA, EOQ, IFAC, EUROSIM

This is our best tool to follow up with our alumni, industry, and regional trends etc. We constantly are in touch and our satisfaction bar has risen high due to our quality education. Example, our alumni are the most employees compare to others; our degrees are accredited and worldwide recognized. Many have received or in process of PHD programs etc. UBT conducts regular surveys where the impact of brand is assessed and corrective measures are taken if there is a need for immediate improvements. UBT has already established a Stats research center that collects, systemizes all the statistics to get the needed information for local markets, trade trends, production etc.

In the international arena we continue through improvement through cooperation and coordination with international partners (universities), exchanging students and staff, organizing different workshops, symposiums, conferences and thematic lectures. We have been part of many different EU projects, we are part of ERASMUS project, TEMPUS projects etc, which gives us facts that we are respected from all Universities and Institutions world wide
Locally, continous improvement through regular meetings, consultations, organizational structures,academic staff, students, parents etc.

Nationally,continous improvement through regular coordination and cooperation with different institutional structures,civil society,business,alumnay.

We conclude that through joint programs whether in the national and international level we see that the level of education is compatible with those outside Kosova.