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UBT Media group

The office of Media Group of UBT is in charge of creating and upkeeping the image and the matter which is related to public relations within UBT, with the aim of empowering and maximizing the national and international profile of UBT through news, relations with media, publications, marketing , the official internet page, social media and other activities.

The office has designed strategies which will lead to a better positioning of UBT, by exploiting the traditional media and building bridges of communication with the interested parties.

The office of Public Communication informs the rector of UBT and lets him know about the policies that are related to the sector of public relations.

All the activities which are concerned with the sector of public communication of UBT or which is related to the employees of the institution oughts to be coordinated and intertwined with the Office of Public Communication.


The main tasks and responsibilities of the Office of Media Group are as follows;

It is responsible for all the communications that are concerned with media on behalf of UBT

It is responsible for the organizing and managing the relation of UBT with other media

It is responsible for managing and organizing the advertisments of UBT

It is responsible for producing a periodic newspaper of UBT

It is responsible for conveying activties which have taken place in UBT and promoting them in media

Enhancing and fostering good relations with media, respectively cultivating professional affiliations with journalists of traditional media

To organize actvities which aim to promote the values of UBT

To manage the official webpage of UBT, as well as other social media pages, including facebook page, instagram, twitter, and youtube;

To establish the pillars of communication with coordinators of  UBT branches, aiming to guide the aspects related to public communication and to provide news for UBT;

To promote the brand and image of UBT;

To carry out tasks that are linked with the public communication and which are required by the rector of the institution

To fulfill other tasks in the field of public communication which are required by the rector

The office is structured and operates in strong collaboration with the Rector’s Office of UBT.

The office is leaded by the coordinator whom directly responds to the rector of UBT.

The coordinator is responsible for organizing and managing the office and to ensure the fulfillment of tasks and its effective functioning.