Leading Virtual and Remote Teams

Leading Virtual and Remote Teams

Aim of the training:

In the current environment where work and learning is organized online, you face problems and challenges that are special when you work remotely and with virtual teams. To manage virtual work professionally we at UBT organize Virtual and Remote Team Leadership training.

The training lasts 6 hours, in the training you have included the book, training material and certification. The fee for this training is 60 €.

You will learn

Building an effective model for managing virtual and remote work

The difference between co-op, virtual or distance work

Virtual Virtual evaluation of communication technologies, and the most appropriate choice for their application

Specific definition of the skills needed to manage virtual and remote work

Make effective sessions when starting work with virtual teams

Identifying the potential impact of different cultures on virtual or remote team performance

Establishing effective working methods for you and your team

Duration 6 hours