Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Aim of the training

This course covers the technical and experimental design basis required for the implementation of diving environments on current and future virtual reality platforms, augmented and mixed. The curriculum covers a wide range of literature and practice, ranging from the original concepts of Computer Science and HCI, following the evolution of all supporting technologies, including visual screens for VR, AR and MR, motion tracking, interactive 3D graphics, multimodal sensory integration. , comprehensive audio, user interfaces, IoT, games and experience design.

Training objectives

The objective of the course is to establish and cultivate a broad and comprehensive understanding of this rapidly evolving and commercially viable field of Computer Science and prepare the student for participating in the production of highly integrative immersive applications, immersive social platforms, cross disciplinary academic research projects and leading developments in Medical, Industrial and Manufacturing R&D. During the duration of the course students are expected to work in collaborative group projects and develop working prototypes, demo experiences, immersive platforms, unique controllers and new innovative technologies that can be used in the development and production of immersive environments in the fields of entertainment, education, training, medical and industrial innovation.

You will learn

Historical Overview, Current Trends and Future applications of Immersive Technologies

  • Best practices in VR,AR and MR including design, prototyping and an ethical code of conduct • Overview of human physiology, psychology and usability factors
  • A critical framework for evaluating current and emerging immersive reality technologies and applications
  • Design and Technological foundations for Immersive Experiences
  • Input devices – controllers, motion trackers and motion capture technologies for tracking, navigation and gestural control.
  • Output devices – Head Mounted VR Displays, Augmented and Mixed reality glasses
  • 3D interactive and procedural graphics
  • Immersive surround sound
  • Haptic and vibrotactile devices
  • Systems architecture and integrative immersive media platforms
  • Rapid prototyping and physical computing • VR programming
  • Desktop with AVR Desktop or Mobile device with Creator AVR App
  • Preparing for exam and Project  testing

Duration 60 Hours

Price € 300