Negotiation skills



The aim of the training


This training helps you have a full understanding of negotiation process, the vicissitudes, the advantages and the impact that negotiation skills have on achieving individual and organizational goals. Through this training you will be able to understand when different situations are negotiable (in what cases it should be negotiated). What tactics should be used and how to influence others?


Training content:

  • Definition and explanation of the term “Negotiation as a whole”;
  • Recognized five negotiating approaches;
  • Understanding the AMNM – Best Alternative to Negotiating an Agreement;
  • Understanding the negotiation process, the three stages of the process;
  • The process which puts the emphasis on influencing others;
  • Negotiating tactics;
  • The role and importance of ethics in negotiations;


Upon completion of the training you will be able to:

  • Explain and analyze the term “Negotiation as a whole” as well as the four basic types of negotiation;
  • Count and explain at least four of the five approaches to negotiation and be capable to make a comparison between them;
  • Have a clear comprehension what AMNM is – The Best Alternative to Negotiating an Agreement, as well as define and evaluate AMNM;
  • Understand the negotiation process and explain the three stages with the six steps of the negotiation process;
  • Understand the process of influencing others and explain the main ways to influence others;
  • Know the main tactics in negotiations and explain the role and peculiarity of Ethics in Negotiations;

Duration: 6 hours