Digital and Social Media

Digital and Social Media

The aim of the training:

Within the framework of rapid technological developments media has also been subject to a significant change involving; newspapers which are at risk of closure; television is making an impact; radio is still surviving thanks to the time people spend in cars and listen to it. From a few information channels, today we have a multitude of possibilities, digital media, provided by the Internet.

In this regard we aren’t sure if we are informed or misinformed? Are we still victims of hostile propaganda? Is media more professional nowadays? What opportunities has this media given to the public to be informed? What opportunities, media gives to the leaders, to somehow to “skip” the media – the information regulator? What is the risk of fake news? When were they born and when did they flourish? Which are the mechanisms to distinguish them? How to control? How to minimize the risks?

Media has entered in a new age, how to make it more professional!

Duration: This training is one day and lasts 6 hours.

Price: The price for this training is € 40