Communication of Leaders

Communication of Leaders

Aim of the training:


Communication with the public of leaders and institutions is essential to a society. But how is this communication being made today, in a time of unlimited opportunities offered by technology development? What should the public know about the activities of a leader institution and what is being offered? What is the role of journalists and media in this environment? Are the opportunities offered by technology being misused? What public figures saw the hassle of bad communication with the public, and in what cases? How did they do and how would they have to do? What were the most serious mistakes in communicating with the public by the country’s institutions? What are the basic principles to keep in mind when communicating with the public media? Which institutions have good and wrong approaches to communicating with the public? Leaders and institutions should do their job and make it public. Are they doing enough and how should they do it?


The training is 6 days a day


The price for this training is 40 €