Aim of the training:

This training gives you the opportunity to have a better understanding of the essentials regarding, e-Governance and the advantages of e-Governance in attaining personal and organizational goals. Through this training you will learn about the first implementation of e-Government and the advantages of applying this method. You will also learn about the right technology to implement e-Government.

Content of the training:

  • Definition of e-Government
  • Use of ICT in e-Government
  • The importance of e-Governance
  • The concept of e-Government
  • Understand e-Government activities

At the end of the training you will be able to:

  • Explain the definition of the term e-Government
  • Explain the use of ICT in e-Government
  • Explain the importance of e-Governance
  • Know the appropriate skills for managing e-Government methods and tools
  • Understand the effectiveness and efficiency of e-Government