Public Relations

Aim of the training:

The professional training is in compliance to the highest international standards of communication skills with the public. Training participants can communicate freely with the public, directly or through mass media (tv, radio, newspapers, magazines, internet, publications).

Content of the training:

  • Definition and explanation of the term “Public Relations”
  • Communication with media and journalists and public speaking
  • Organize the office for public communication and the office’s relationship with management
  • The timing and reasonableness of the media conference
  • The composition (form and content) and importance of the communication
  • Creating a positive theme
  • Gestures — their meaning during public speaking: hands, feet, eyes, body…
  • Participation in meetings with citizens and the media
  • Individual and group interviews
  • Interviews by gender
  • Interviews by media type
  • Order forwarding
  • Appearing, dressing, exercising and coping with the scare
  • Practical camera work: Live interview and filming
  • Communication with the public in times of crisis

At the end of the training you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of public relations.
  • Know the importance and reason for the establishment and responsibilities of the information office
  • Write a communiqué without difficulty
  • Prepare, write and use public speaking
  • Know the importance of media specifics
  • Know how to dress before going public
  • Know the technique and importance of gestures
  • Know how to behave in public meetings: directly or through the media
  • You have a clear need to set up a “rapid response headquarters” in case of “unpredictable events, times of crisis” etc.

Duration: 16 hours