Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

Aim of the training:


Introduce participants to the basic concepts and principles of human resource management such as:


  1. People are the main source of organization and the main point of success of the organization.
  2. Human resource policy and procedures should be closely linked and be the most important investment for achieving organizational objectives and strategic plans.
  3. The culture of the organization should be such that it values ​​human resources and involves it from top to bottom so that all members of the organization work together for a common purpose.


Benefits from This Training:


You will get familiar and learn the basic concepts and principles of human resource management as key points of an organization’s success, in compliance with human resources policies and procedures as the most important investment to achieve the organization’s objectives.


Content of this training:


  • Workforce planning
  • Staff recruitment and selection
  • Staff job description
  • Assessment of staff performance
  • Staff training and development
  • Team formation
  • Payment system
  • Staff discipline and grievances
  • Promotion of staff, reductions, retirement and transfer
  • Distribution of staff, employment in another organization, redundancy and resignation



The price for one participant in this training is 140 €



The total training lasts 18 hours – spread over 3 working days

(9:00 – 12:00 & 13:00 – 16:00) for 3 days