Media and Events

Bachelor studies in Political Science offer a large number of events that take place every week at UBT.  We aim to organize different events weekly for all the students of our program including very well known personalities in Kosovo and beyond, discussing all the current events happening in our country or abroad. This helps the students get more in touch with the real world and develop their critical thinking as young political scientists.

The events that our faculty organizes for every student that is part of our program include thematic lectures, discussions, conferences, workshops, EU week, etc.  Some of the events organized within the last year are as mentioned below:

  • “The Euro-Atlantic Future of the Republic of Kosovo” conference organized with the NATO delegation and NATO Defense College led by Dr. Jamie Shea. During this conference the students had the opportunity to learn about Kosovo’s challenges of Euro-Atlantic integration, as well as its opportunities towards it, where they also participated in a competition organized by UBT.
  • “Enlargement Strategy: Regional cooperation as a key factor for the European future of the Western Balkans” discussion with the Albanian, Croatian and Greek ambassadors who were invited at UBT to discuss more about the European Integration, as one of the most important topics nowadays in our country and beyond that.
  • Thematic lecture by UNDP where the UNDP representatives and our students discussed about the role of UNDP in the development of Kosovo.
  • Thematic lectures by The Franco-Albanian Friendship Association where the students had the opportunity to learn and discuss about the role of non-governmental organizations in the UN and the International Organizations, as well as Cultural Diplomacy and lobbying in favor of the Kosovo Institutions, the International Organizations, the European Commission, the UN and the Higher Education Institutions. The same association lectures periodically at our faculty about the most recent themes that are needed to be discussed for the future of our students and their careers in politics.
  • “The world after BREXIT and Trump” conference organized with very well known personalities from Kosovo as well as the ones from abroad. The conference was divided into two different panels with different speakers like Federico Fernandez Austria, Christopher Lingle from Guatemala, David Olster from USA, Schari Zafarpour, Mitja Steinbacher from Slovenia, etc. The students participated with questions and discussions about the current world problems that may affect every other country as well.
  • Thematic lecture by the director of the Center for European Policy Analysis, Janusz Bugajski, where everyone discussed about what we shall expect from Trump presidency, its opportunities and challenges.

Political Sciences program offers a huge opportunity for everyone to be involved in every conference and event we organize, being very helpful for the future of the students and creating contacts in between our students and the personalities we invite, who are very keen on transferring the most recent and first hand information about current events that will help shape the students’ careers. The events mentioned above are some of the main activities at UBT, regarding the UBT Forum which is part of the Political Sciences program.