Industry Partnership

The program is designed to respond to specific offers and requests are addressed to respective issues, by providing a balanced educational product.

  1. a) The program responds to the demands of the labor market and political experts capable of responding to the growing institutional building tendencies of Kosovo and to better respond to the growing needs for qualified professionals in the field of integration of EU standards, foreign policy and state building in public administration;
  2. b) The program provides new approaches to modern courses related to IR or diplomacy, European integration and public administration, supply to the educational needs of the Kosovo market for a supply approach to certain fields of study such as the field of EU integration, IR or diplomacy and public administration;
  3. c) The program addresses Kosovo Politics, the policy specifics in most of the courses offered by this program, ensuring that students are equipped with Kosovo specifics and are trained to engage with the necessary reforms which are expected to addressed within framework of integration and the future of state building;
  4. d) The program is mainly based on both modern theoretical and political approaches to political science, providing a balanced approach to the study of behavior and policy list in the context of state and politics;
  5. d) The program provides students with numerous comparative advantages in terms of analytical construction and skills development policies for students, in order to meet the learning achievements in this Program;
  6. f) The program is primarily focused to boost in students’ knowledge and skills over the years in order to attain the highest degree of professionalism and level of expertise. Meanwhile, there is paid a particular attention to provide the necessary mechanisms which aid students to acquire in-depth knowledge in the field of political science and other sub-disciplines;
  7. g) The program provides a completely political science staff, contrary to all other programs which are offered in Kosovo, contributing to create a balance between political scientists and policy practitioners;