The infrastructure of the institution continues to be student-centered, taking into account that UBT has developed a modern infrastructure for all courses held within the Faculty of Political Science. Students have all the necessary and at the meantime most modern facilities to where to attend lectures and at the same time the necessary reading and study spaces. In addition, UBT is comprised of the most innovative laboratories for the course Basics of Political Science Methodology, enabling students to interweave their theoretical components practical ones.


Furthermore, UBT has one of the largest libraries, which consists of the latest science books and literature, located in UBT Campus. Students are also offered an online library (e-library) including EBSCOhost, JStor and Sage for academic articles and journals.


Moreover, UBT has already created a Moodle platform which is designed to help students access learning materials, which include syllabi for all program subjects, PowerPoint presentations and all other relevant materials, in compliance with the program curriculum.