Teaching and Learning

Despite gaining benefits from our expertise at all levels and scientific approach, the program assures that students are part of numerous activities, which consistently endorse students to fulfill their conventional core learning studies. Such activities are as follows:

  1. a) Language visitor program, where practitioners, policy experts and policy analysts are invited to give their opinion on specific issues with regard to the field of Political Science. As a result, this enables students to be capable of giving professional feedback as well as provide a full-fledged analysis;
  2. b) There is held on regular basis a research conference related to students, where they are continuously supported by academic staff and experts from the field of research policy. In this regard, they give expertise concerning political issues and at the meantime come up to analytical reports related to affairs of political issues;
  3. c) Therefore there is carried out a simulation regarding certain institutional political activities, where students engage in practical policy problems and policy issues and provide analytical political rights or solutions aimed at overcoming problems of a political nature;
  4. d) The program visited is organized by the staff, where each student visits and is positioned as interns within certain public or private institutions and is required to come up with analytical statements on state issues within the policy context.