Aims and Objectives

Bachelor studies in Political Science offer a broad approach and provide students with knowledge and skills of political science, concentrating in one of the three courses of study, Public Administration, International Relations and European Integration. The program aims at equipping the students with knowledge and skills to make them capable of understanding and analyzing policies and the policymaking process. The students also develop their individual political interests and views in various political disciplines included in the program through a range of obligatory and optional courses of lectures. The program offers flexibility for the students to fulfill their academic career, ensuring that students be able to effectively engage in political institutions activity after the graduation.
In the course of almost 17 years, we have gathered experience and expertise in many areas of the political sciences making sure that that students are taught by professors and specialists who master the respective knowledge and expertise in all the political disciplines such as political theory, European studies, governance and constitutional systems, European politics and government, international relations, international development, political history, diplomacy, Balkan security, Balkan policymaking, political sociology, political economy, public policy of Kosovo and the region, etc.
Built on comparative market needs of in Kosovo, this program offers a sound basis for making the students capable of contributing to political studies and practical policymaking. The study program offers the students an ample series of activities which support them by complementary knowledge and skills.
Such activities include:
• Linguistic Visitors Program, where various political practitioners and actors, political, policy analysts and diplomats are invited to give their opinion on specific political issues that help the students to shape their opinions and analyses,
• Annual Students Conference, where students are supported by the academic staff to make researches on various political issues and prepare related written,
• Annual Scientific Conference, where professors and students from Kosovo the region and beyond are invited to contribute,
• Simulation Programs in the area of various political activities, where students engage in imaginary political situations and related discussions and solutions,
• Internship Programs organized by the staff which include students in visits and internships in various public and private institutions and ask from them to prepare papers on matters linked with current political issues of Kosovo,
The BA program in political sciences offers a balanced approach to political science between theory and practice of policymaking, national and international policy and institutions, concrete activity and legal basis of institutional policymaking. This program is intended to provide a general, balanced and wide understanding and analysis of policies for the students in order that they are well-placed in the field of political science and practice and the national and international political labor market.
The teaching staff excel in various as most of it are political experts, researchers and practitioners with a reliable academic background and have their publications in international scientific reviews. Some of them have also published their books related to political disciplines. Some faculty staff have served for years in the political institutions of Kosovo and have a noted activity as policy analysts with a very good reputation in the media and they also have a precious practical experience and expertise. Part of that experience is included in the teaching modules. The UBT students have access to international academic staff and a constant flow of distinguished visiting scholars from abroad. Students are taught with special strategy, offering them space for career development and individual orientation.

• Program learning outcomes

After successfully completing the program, students will be able to:

• Demonstrate knowledge and thorough understanding of the main theoretical and political concepts and key issues related to political science, the source of one of its interdisciplinary, and its object of study,
• Demonstrate analytical thinking and in-depth approaches of solving problems of behavior and structure of institutions, political systems and political elites,
• Demonstrate the capacity to critically analyze, interpret and evaluate research of political science, with emphasis on Kosovo or about Kosovo politics,
• Be able to apply knowledge and skills in the practice of politics within the context of Kosovo and other international political contexts,
• Demonstrate professional capabilities in one of these areas (in accordance with the program), international relations and diplomacy, European integration and public administration.

After completing the program, students will have developed these capabilities:

• Understanding of key political theoretical contexts,
• Capacity to compile important election policies to Kosovo and the region,
• Valuable verbal and written communication skills, based on the theory and practice of political science,
• Critical thinking skills, with emphasis on basic concepts of political science and its interdisciplinary,
• General skills and accurate basic research in political field of studies,
• Political reasoning and discussion on major developments in national politics.