Aims and Objectives

The underlying purpose of this study program is to enable students in each of the fields of specialization to broaden their knowledge and comprehensive understanding of practical developments and political theories and at the meantime to be able to analyze the phenomena of practical political developments and basic theoretical concepts as well as their interrelationships. Despite the fact, this program gives students the opportunity to gain skills in drafting various documents of a political nature. Students have the opportunity through this program to harmonize its basic requirements with their specific study interests by attending a wide range of elective courses. This also enables a certain degree of adaptability of this program.


Furthermore, academic process is primarily based on the curricula of the most remarkable political faculties in Europe and the United States, as well as contemporary literature, in compliance with the Kosovo labor market. In addition, this program provides a balanced approach between these needs and the creation of relevant skills for students for their future study or policy-making careers.


Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Gain theoretical knowledge and basic political theoretical concepts;
  • Recognize main issues of contemporary political developments in scientific theory and practice;
  • Demonstrate skills of analytical and in-depth thinking of political phenomena, of ways of solving various political problems expressed both in writing and through speech;
  • Demonstrate skills of critical analysis of political phenomena by relating it specifically to the political circumstances of Kosovo as well as regional and international;
  • Have an increased interest in practical national and international political developments;
  • Acquire skills for drafting important policy documents for Kosovo and the even broader in the region;
  • Acquire good basic skills for scientific research in various fields of political science;
  • Carry out an analytical and critical argumentation regarding key developments in national and international politics;