Political Science


Program Overview

Name of the institutionBPRAL UBT College
Faculty/DepartmentDepartment of Political Science
Main Campus or BranchMain Campus
Name of the study programBA Political Science
Person responsible
NQF Qualification LevelNQF Level 6
Academic degree conferredBachelor of Political Science
Program profile (specialization)·         Public Administration

·         European Integration

·         International Relations

Erasmus Code14.1 Political Science (Social Science)


Type of studyFull-time
Number of students
Minimum duration of study3 years
Permanent staff 




The UBT College aims to offer an approach of education combined among the main components: theoretical teaching, development of applicable and practical skills, internship and scientific – research. This will enable that the staff and students, become a strong partner of continuous development of knowledge and competence in a specific field, which ensures continuous institutional and sustainable development.

The objective of undertaken curriculum revision is to make it compatible to the latest trends and developments in the respective fields of study and implement recommendations made by the KAA’s group of experts. The study program after being revised have gained a research dimension. As a conclusion the program besides its component of offering to students the theoretical and practical knowledge, it engages students in research-scientific activities.

  • Students’ internship – students enrolled in program are recommended to attend an internship in a certain company/institution/international organization. The minimum duration of the internship is 1 month.
  • Diploma thesis – Students upon completing the foreseen courses, at the study program at Bachelor should write their diploma thesis. Whenever possible the diploma thesis should be linked to the internship (especially in the programs of the field of economy), by enabling this way conduction of applied research. The diploma thesis will be designed that way to enable them to have empirical character
  • Methodology of Scientific Research and Academic Writing – most of the study programs, include courses, which are directly linked to the scientific research activities as: Academic Writing and Methodology of Scientific Research.

International Conference – Every year UBT organize an International Conference on Business, Technology and Innovation. Every academic staff of UBT is strongly motivated to participate in the conference. Among many panels, there is a panel in Political Science and International Relations. The aim of the conference is to further facilitate the exchange of knowledge between innovative scholars, academics, young researchers, post-graduate students, doctoral candidates, field experts and profess