UBT – A Model of Innovation and Transformation in Higher Education in Kosovo and the Region


In an era where innovation and sustainability are the primary challenges of global society, UBT in Kosovo continues to prove itself as a leading institution in higher education.

With outstanding achievements in innovation, quality, and commitment to environmental sustainability, UBT has become a model of transformation and development in Kosovo and the region.

One of UBT’s most notable achievements is its ranking among the Top 200 Best Universities in the world for combating Climate Change by the GreenMetric World University Ranking 2023. This confirms UBT’s dedication to promoting green campuses and sustainable environmental practices, making it a model for higher education institutions globally.

Alongside the most prestigious universities in the world, UBT is ranked for innovation and the fourth industrial revolution in WURI. This year, the global ranking of prestigious universities, SCImago, has ranked UBT as the best institution and the only one in private higher education across Albanian territories.

UBT continues its pursuit of sustainable innovation, enhancing it through investments in technology and innovative projects that offer solutions to contemporary challenges.

UBT’s ranking as the second institution in Kosovo and the third in Albanian territories for the number of staff publication citations on the “Webometrics” platform demonstrates the high quality of scientific research and UBT’s contribution to the field of knowledge and innovation. Additionally, rising 3,000 places in the ranking of Higher Education Institutions for the year 2024 and UBT’s ranking among the top nine companies globally for quality by EFQM shows the institution’s high level of performance and quality.

Compared to well-known global companies, UBT has proven its high level of quality and commitment to high standards. UBT has also excelled in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation, winning the “European Young Entrepreneurial University of the Year” award from the Triple E Awards in Barcelona, Spain. This award confirms UBT’s commitment to promoting entrepreneurship and innovation as integral parts of societal progress and economic development.

UBT has also been recognized for its positive impact on society, ranking highly in the Positive Impact Assessment Edition 2021 and being ranked among the best universities in the world by Times Higher Education. This shows that UBT is not just a higher education institution but a key pillar of change and innovation in Kosovar society and the wider region.

With these outstanding achievements and continued dedication to innovation, quality, and sustainability, UBT continues to excel as an institution that makes a difference in the world of higher education and serves as a source of inspiration for all higher education communities in Kosovo and the wider region.

UBT is more than an educational institution; it is a mission, a vision for the future of education and society as a whole.