The twelfth edition of “Global UBT Fest 2023” officially begins.


In a solemn ceremony, with an inspiring and splendid atmosphere, at UBT’s Innovative Science Park in Lipjan, the twelfth edition of the largest knowledge and science festival in Europe, “Global UBT Fest 2023,” was officially launched.

Present at this event were the UBT Rector, Prof. Dr. Edmond Hajrizi, the Ambassador of Sweden to Kosovo, Jonas Westerlund, and the Deputy Rector of “Sapienza University,” Prof. Luciano Saso.

In his speech, UBT Rector Prof. Dr. Edmond Hajrizi described this festival as an excellent example of collaboration and knowledge-sharing beyond studies, emphasizing that it is an important moment for young people who want to be part of various extracurricular organizations.

“This is the twelfth year that we organize such an event that encompasses many extracurricular activities, offering different perspectives from more than a thousand local and international experts and professionals for over 30 programs. These schools are organized in July, attracting many people from the diaspora who have the opportunity to join various activities,” said Rector Hajrizi.

The Ambassador of Sweden to Kosovo, Jonas Westerlund, appreciated UBT’s role in promoting higher education and emphasized the importance of commitment to cultural exchange and innovation.

“I am impressed with the content of the 30 summer schools that will be part of Global UBT Fest 2023. Various activities that will help young people strengthen their knowledge. Scandinavian minimalism is all about simplicity, quality, and sustainability, and it can become a philosophy applicable in all areas of our lives. From room decoration to organizing everyone’s life. Therefore, I wish you browse and read more about this field,” said Ambassador Westerlund.

Deputy Rector of “Sapienza University,” Prof. Luciano Saso, expressed amazement at the atmosphere and enthusiasm he found at UBT. He highlighted the importance of cooperation between universities and appreciated the platform that Global UBT Fest provides to promote the exchange of ideas and knowledge development.

“I am honored to be part of the opening of Global UBT Fest 2023. An event that is an opportunity for young people from all countries to be part of various activities to strengthen their knowledge and create new experiences,” said Saso.

As part of the opening of “Global UBT Fest 2023,” an impressive exhibition was organized by the Integrated Design Faculty at UBT, and students from the Faculty of Modern Music, Digital Production, and Management entertained the attendees with musical performances.

Thirty summer academies in various fields will create a multidimensional event and a unique platform for a month, where young people from all over the world can be part of a fruitful educational and creative environment.