Media and Events

Law program offers a majority of activities for all our students who are part of the program, considering we aim to develop the future lawyers of our country. Some of the activities that have happened within the last year are as mentioned below:
• The study visit organized in the Basic Prosecution of Prishtina, where the students of the third and fourth year of studies participated in. The main reason behind this activity was informing the students about the Prosecution as a very important institution in Kosovo, the main role and competences of our country’s prosecutor, the justice system, etc.
• Study visit at Prishtina Basic Court where the students were some of the participants in a court hearing, specifically a criminal act of murder.
• Study visit in the Serious Crimes Department, which is part of the Kosovo Court of Appeals.
• Study visit at Kosovo Business Registration Agency. The aim of the visit was giving the students first hand information about business registration in Kosovo regarding issues like: the procedures of business extinction, pledge registration, industrial property registration, etc.
• Study visit at Kosovo Competition Authority. The visit was linked with one of the main subjects of Law Program at UBT, therefore the students have discussed the main topics of competition and corporate union (mergers), etc.
• Study visit at Kosovo Customs, specifically Legal Department of this institution. The aim of the visit was informing the students about the main phases of administrative procedure, the cases when the short procedure is approved, the evidence, the submission of this evidence to other state bodies, the ending of the procedure, etc.
Law program at UBT offers many events for its students including conferences, workshops, study visits, thematic lectures, discussion, etc. All these events are organized to help shape the future of our students who are given first hand information about the state bodies of our country and beyond, which helps them advance and understand everything practically.
One of the main activities that our program has done for the students within the last year was the participation in the VIS Moot Court in Vienna, which has been an extraordinary experience for the students, as one of the main events in arbitration and law.