The Faculty of Law at UBT conducts and is responsible for the teaching and research process based on a well-equipped infrastructure with the necessary equipment and support at a high level, in compliance with to the scope of legal sciences and the necessary infrastructure according to best practices for the development of highly theoretical and practical subjects. Each classroom is equipped with computers and internet connection, fixed designers, presentation podiums, laboratories etc.


Meanwhile, the infrastructure established by the Faculty of Law, includes Reception and Information Office, the offices of academic and administrative staff, the Library, the Information Technology Office, the Halls for the development of the Legal Clinic and practice hours, the Student Center, the Career Center, Technology Transfer Center part of the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development at UBT (RIED), UBT Stats and UBT Campus Radio as well as other facilitation services.


In addition, an important component which aids the assuring of academic transparency in the institution is the School Management Information System (SMIS), which provides efficient information for students and management staff. They can meet their administrative requirements and carry out an extraordinary monitoring of all academic processes in the institution.


The necessary literature for this study program, which is part of the UBT Library, consists of two separate spaces: the space where the books are located and the reading space. It has created an electronic catalog, which allows readers (students and academic staff) to be informed about all the materials and titles that exist in the library, also enabling their remote access.


The library includes in its range of university titles, books in various international languages. Publications that are commonly used as a source are from well-known international centers such as the University of Technology in Vienna, Harvard University, the University of Oslo, the University of Oakland, the University of Nice. There is also a wide selection of literature specialized in the field of International Diplomacy and in the corner of NATO and the International Committee, which focuses in particular on the situation in recent years in Kosovo.


The library service also enables our students to have direct access to e-books and online articles that have a scientific and academic character in various fields.
IMF Library
Cambridge Magazines
Jstor Library

Technology Transfer Center (CTT) – the main purpose of this center is to provide intellectual property protection to students and UBT staff, but also to other people who need expertise. It is an information center and if any student is engaged in any form of research development, they are supported by the center’s managers to ensure the protection of their research papers and results.


Career Center, which is set up and organized to pursue a successful career. Consequetly, includes professional work, part-time work during the holidays, presentation of students’ personal successes, interactive career during conferences, scientific symposiums, presentation of student achievements in brochures, newspapers, etc.

The training facilities during the legal clinic or internship hours aim to foster the improvement of the clinical subjects at the Faculty of Law. Clinical education aims to organize lectures and simulations of the criminal, civil field and alternative dispute resolution.


Student Center creates the opportunity to receive information during working hours from 08:30 to 15:30. This center works closely with the relevant Faculties, the Finance Office, the Administration to provide the necessary support in matters related to students such as:
– Submission of registration application;-
– Submission of documents for completing the personal file;
– Signing a contract for the study and submission of various requirements provided for in the study contract;
– Submitting and obtaining certification for the status of a regular student of UBT College;
– Information on the teaching schedule;
– Information on the eventual change of the class schedule, in the exam schedule;
– Submission of a request for obtaining a grade certificate;
– Harmonization of the number of credits according to the subject and conversion of grades into percentages and vice versa;
– Obtaining a grade certificate/transcript;


UBT Stats – the purpose of this center within UBT is to create a statistical database of Kosovo and provide structured and comparable statistical information in time for academic staff and students. So students and staff of UBT Faculty of Law can refer to this data as reference sources, organized in a clear and easily understood form during their research work or projects.


UBT Campus Radio (100.7 FM) is a private media. Despite the fact, it is worth emphasizing that the programs are mainly dedicated to young people in promoting values, informing in various fields of interest to them, informing them about management practices, marketing, expressing students’ opinions, organizing various debates, announcing activities, various students and other student activities, announcement of the organization of scientific conferences organized by UBT, academic visits to the institution, etc.