The study program is open and eligible to all students who have completed the National Matura.
A candidate is admitted in the study program, when he or she meets the minimum admission requirements set by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and based on current higher education legislation, any person who has successfully completed the state Matura exam or foreign students, based on bilateral or multilateral agreements.


Based on the Statute of UBT College, the conditions for admission to university studies in law are:
• Successful completion of the verified high school diploma in Kosovo or successful completion of primary and secondary school abroad with at least 12 years of education, certified with the appropriate degree;
• Have passed the mature national exam;
•There is required a special authorization issued by the Ministry;
• In addition, they must have demonstrated at least one merit in secondary education;


The program prepares students not only for a professional life as ‘lawyers’, but at the meantime enables them to be accessible in numerous career fields such as the judicial system, private business companies, the prosecutorial system, the banking system, law firms, notaries, insurance, politics or diplomacy and public services. Skills learned through the study of law are useful in all spheres of life. Despite the fact, the study program increases academic and professional capabilities to conduct research, enhance comprehensive skills, and professional competencies to provide solutions to emerging issues by implementing the acquired knowledge and making use of legal language accurately, carefully and objectively.
Furthermore, the system of preliminary admission criteria is also intertwined with a motivating and clear scholarship policy. Meanwhile, the latter are offered for certain categories of graduates and aim to provide financial support for distinguished young people, those who come from areas classified with priority of industrial development, certain social categories, etc.