Based on the Statute of  UBT College, the conditions for admission to undergraduate studies at the Law  are:

  1. Successful completion of high school diploma verified in Kosovo or successful completion of primary and secondary school abroad with at least 12 years of education, certified by the relevant degree ;
  2. Have passed the National Mature Examination ;
  3. Special authorization issued by the Ministry in case it is required;
  4. In addition they must have demonstrated at least a merit in secondary education.

This degree prepare students not only for life as ‘lawyers’, but also enable them to enter many career fields such as business, journalism, accountancy, banking, insurance, politics, foreign affairs and diplomacy and public services. The skills learned through studying law are useful in all walks of life. It also equips students with the ability to carry out research, to apply relevant information to problems, to use language precisely, carefully and objectively.