International Cooperation

In order to increase the quality of teaching and expand academic and organizational experiences, UBT especially appreciates the cooperation with institutions inside and outside the country, institutions which are distinguished for practicing the lawyer’s profession.


Mutual cooperation with the institutions with which the university has signed agreements which are considered as mechanisms of:
– promoting scientific initiatives and cultural exchange in order to increase human capacity to conduct studies;
– fostering the higher standards in the quality of teaching in higher education and research, as well as ethical integrity in academic work;
– encouraging student exchanges and study opportunities at partner universities;
– staff mobility and mutual support in the implementation of projects of applied or scientific character;
– enhancing policies and values for higher education in the region of importance in the countries of origin of cooperating institutions;
– developing joint projects for the benefit of society and the community;


In addition to collaboration with various institutions within the country, the university has been able to realize serious agreements with the university about 280 universities in the world.


These collaborations are extended to the realization of academic activities such as conferences and other activities, which are included in a necessary mechanism for mutual recognition of cultures, for cultural, scientific development of knowledge and their dissemination, to promote the internationalization of education system.


The institutions in the country with which the Faculty of Law has cooperated in order to develop students’ professional practices are: the Basic Court of Prishtina, the Prosecution Institution, the Kosovo Forensics Agency, the Kosovo Competition Agency, the Kosovo Business Registration Agency.