The Faculty of Law encourages students to think beyond the rules and develop soft skills and strengthen social awareness.



The Law study program at UBT aims to provide knowledge, regarding professional principles from an academic and practical perspective, by:
– helping students to focus on academic goals and evaluate developed experiences;
– providing students with links to law firms or studios, where they have the opportunity to develop professional practices based on the institutional links of UBT with industry;
– strengthening the links between theoretical study and law practice;
– addressing the opinions and suggestions of students in administrative and academic structures or other forums outside the institution;
– Assisting and supporting students to program their interests in applying the profession in the future, considering that not all students know, at this stage of their study and career they want to pursue in their future.


The life of students at the Faculty of Law combines academic activities, extracurricular or even entertainment activities as well as study visits to see closely all the processes related to this field.