Teaching and Learning

According to ECTS based curricula all courses adhere to the learning-outcome approach. The standard workload per year for every student is 60 ECTS.  Students must have completed at least 75% of this workload to remain registered for the upcoming academic year.  According to UBT regulations 1 ECTS equals 25 hours of workload. The workload may include contact hours, independent learning, examination, internships and site visits.

The share of independent work is about 60% of the total student workload and that includes reading, research work depending on the subjects. The share of active work (lectures and seminars) is also given prominent importance (30-40%).

Examinations are the regular manner of evaluation of performance and they are organized individually for each course. In evaluating academic performance, the institution apply the following methods: written examinations, mid-term exams; seminar papers; practical tests in exercise, interpretation and presentation of individual written works and other assignments, etc.  Also, examinations are public, and are provided in oral, written or combined written/oral examination. The assessment methods for each course have been described separately. All academic units of the College shall use the following grades to describe student performance in courses: 10 (exemplary), 9 (excellent), 8 (very good), 7 (good), 6 (sufficient), 5 (insufficient). The Candidate shall be considered to have passed the exam when awarded grades 6 – 10.

Students also legal clinic/internships combined with lectures on professional development. The institution has a standing cooperation agreements with the Ministry of Justice, Kosovo Judicial Council, Kosovo Chamber of Advocates, Kosovo Agency of Forensic, The Directorate of Kosovo Customs,

During the eighth semester the students begin to work on the research thesis, which is  an original study. The thesis is conducted from the faculty’s staff based on independent research study and approved from a ad ad hoc comission of the Law Faculty.