Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives

This programme is designed to provide high quality education in theoretical and practical knowledge and professional skills in various aspects of law education,  necessary to serve in the public and private sector. Academically, the program’s aim are defined in developing high level skills in legal analysis research, drafting, dispute resolution, decision making, interviewing, negotiation and advocacy while at the same time displaying high standards of professionalism.


According to the acquired knowledge and skills from this study  program, the graduated students will be able identify the legal issues which are to be investigated, to use the primary and secondary sources of law, to value in critical way legal issues both in theoretical and practical aspects, and also to conduct research.


Based on the labour market request and priorities of the countries development the program is designed to offer education in general law, and also specialized knowledge in civil law, criminal law and international law.



Programme Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the degree, students of bachelor law programme should be able to:

  • demonstrate a broad knowledge of the following aspects of law: principles law in various law history of law and state with the focus of roman law, regulation of civil, penal e public relations, procedures in each of the substantive areas of law, European law, international standards of human rights, legal ethics;
  • describe the underlying theories of law and describe the conceptual national and international legal framework;
  • explain and apply the legal framework in Kosovo;
  • analyze and interpret the laws based on which facts can be used;
  • analyse facts and to do basic research based on contemporary methods, research tools and techniques;
  • communicate facts and legal information effectively;
  • to preserve the cultural and educational values ​​of citizens in Kosovo;
  • act ethically as members of lawyers’ community;
  • provide real problem based learning experiences to enhance the capacity to solve clients’ legal problems;
  • develop student understanding of how the legal system works, and its impact on the society.