Curriculum Structure

The regular program duration is for one year and it is separated into two semesters. Successful students should complete all courses in every semester.

The degree is awarded upon the successful completion of all courses and a submission of written research project. Only after the successful completion of the exams, the students can go through the oral defense of the results, completing the student academic obligations. The master thesis has a workload of 15 ECTS based of the normative requirements and the volume of the work hours.

Aiming to facilitate the mobility of students, the ECTS also enables further study abroad. The students can transfer the ECTS that have successfully gained at any other institutions after the review and the compatibility of the course syllabuses.


Semester I
No. M/E Subjects ECTS
1 C Advanced Private Law 7
2 C Obligations and Contracts 6
3 C Commercial Law 5
4 C Comparative Private Law 4
5 C International and EU Intellectual Property Law 4
6 C Legal Research 4
Semester II
No. M/E Subjects ECTS
1 C Advanced Civil Procedure 5
2 C Competition Law 4
3 C Industrial Property Protection 3
4 C International Trade Arbitrage 3
5 C Thesis 15


The theoretical ratio will be realized by applying traditional methodology to support the competences that the student develops in class and through individual workload, offering to them the last development of Kosovo’s civil legislation.  In this regard, there are engaged experts and professors engaged in our Faculty. Also, will be engaged judges, prosecutors and lawyers will facilitate the practical review of the challenges of the justice system and the law implementation the, who can contribute with thematic lessons on practical issues on commercial law, advanced procedure law or contractual law.