UBT provide the teaching and research process in its master degrees based on the contemporary facilities and a well-equipped infrastructure.

All the teaching auditors are highly well equipped (computers and internet links, fixed projectors) for a normal teaching process. The faculty’s premise possesses an information reception, academic and administration staff offices, Law Library, the photocopy office, information technology office, the Room for Clinical and Practices Hours, the Students Center, the Career Center, Centre for Transfer of Technology (CTT) part of the UBT Institute for Innovation and Enterprise Development (RIED), UBT Stats and UBT Campus Radio.

 Scholar Management Information System (SMIS), which enables efficient information for students and management staff. They can complete their administrative requirements and realize an outstanding monitoring of the whole academic processes in the institution.

 Law Library, which is part of the UBT Library. The UBT College Library consists of two separate spaces: the space where are located books and reading space. The UBT College Library has created an electronic catalogue, which allows readers to be informed about all the material that exists in the library and can make the request for remotely obtaining books. The library is supplied with books in various international languages. The publications that are usually obtained are from well-known international centers such as the Vienna University of Technology, Harvard University, Oslo University, Oakland University, Nice University. Also, there is a wide selection of literature specializing in the field of International Diplomacy and the corner of NATO and the international committee, which focuses particularly on the situation in recent years in Kosovo.

Different literature and web pages are also possible and they enable our students a direct approach to e-Books and online articles that have scientific and academic character in different fields.

Centre for Transfer of Technology (CTT)- the purpose of this center is to secure the intellectual property protection of students and UBT staff, but also to other people who need expertise. This center is an information center, and if any student is engaged in some form of research, and if identified as having any research potential, students can go to the center manager, request a meeting and ensure the possibility of protecting their research works.

 The Career Center, which is build to help students develop a prosperous career. It includes: professional work, part-time work during the holidays, introducing students’ personal successes, interactive career during conferences, scientific symposia, presentation of student achievements in brochures, newsletters, etc.

The room for clinical and practices hours is established with the purpose of realization and improvement of the clinical subjects at the Faculty of Law. The clinical legal education aim the organization of lectures and simulations of the criminal, civil and alternative dispute resolution field.

The Student Center, which offers the opportunity to receive information during the working hours from 08: 30-17: 30. This center is closely linked to the Departments, the Finance Office, the Administration, and the student-related issues as:

  • Submission of the application for registration;
  • Submission of documents for completion of personal file;
  • Signing the contract for study and submission of various requirements foreseen in the study contract;
  • Submission and obtaining certification about the status of a regular student of the UBT College;
  • Information on the lesson schedule;
  • Information on the eventual change of class schedule, on the exam schedule;
  • Submission of the application for obtaining the grade’s certificate;
  • Harmonization of the number of loans by subject and conversion of grades in percentages and vice versa;
  • Obtaining the certificate of grades;

UBT Stats – the purpose of UBT STATS is to establish a Kosovo statistical database and to provide structured and comparable statistical information in time for the accademic staff and students. So, UBT students for their works and projects can refer to these data as reference sources, organized in a clear and easily understandable form.

UBT Campus Radio (100.7 FM) is a private media. Its programs are dedicated mainly to young ages in promoting values, information on various fields of their interests, information for internships in management, marketing, expression of student opinions, organization of various debates, announcement of different activities of the students and other student activities, announcement of organization of scientific conferences organized by UBT, academic visits to the College etc.