The program is intended for students who want to become judges, for servants and lawyers in the public sector, advocates, lawyers in the private sector or in other non-governmental organizations, whose activity is related to civil law and property rights. It builds on the knowledge of the Bachelor program and the contemporary demands for the programme courses.


The program is especially relevant for those looking to develop skills and understanding in relation to recent bachelor graduates wanting to enhance their academic skills and analyze key concepts, principles and policies in the civil law in Kosovo and abroad, the institutions and structures of international property law, intellectual property importance in our society, the theoretical doctrines with the focus the substantive areas of civil law and property rights, the practical contexts in which related legislation operates.


The Faculty monitors and coordinates student workload across courses. To the students who face difficulties can be provided an adequate tutorial assistance. Moreover, with the scope to ensure understanding and ability to apply learning the academic staff is available at sufficient scheduled times for consultation and advice to students. They week workload in classes about 6 hours or less and the other time of the work time, they provide consultation, take part on activities or make research. UBT College is a major provider for non-traditional and under-represented groups in full-time education, meeting or exceeding targets.


Law Faculty also encourages students to think on the academic and vocational perspective:

  • helping the students to keep focus on their eventual experiences and academic goals;
  • supporting students to believe that the current economic situation does not impact on work experience opportunities for students;
  • strengthening links between the academic study of law and the practice of law in order to ease transition from one to another;
  • addressing student feedback which suggests to the administrative and academic structures or other forums out of institution;
  • encouraging students reassess their future plans as not all students know, at this stage of their study, what form of career realization they will choose


The study groups not more than 50 students in lectures classes, and between 25-30 students per group in seminars. They are dimensioned so as to ensure an effective and interactive teaching and learning process.

The students in UBT College in the entire study programme will fulfill their obligations regarding the subjects’ assignments through submitting their work. The originality of their works is mentored and reviewed by the subject’s professors of the course or in case studies of the master thesis, from the ad hoc commission of the theme.

All the rights and obligations of the students are foreseen in the students’ handbook, the notifications by email before the specific deadlines and obligations. In case of unclarity or need of explanations the students can ask meetings with the Dean or can consult with the professors.