Aims and Objectives

The Master Programme in Civil and Property Rights is offered to gain general theoretical knowledge of civil law such as property, global and European trade problems and human rights.

The Master program in Civil Law aims to equip students with extensive knowledge of the core areas of private law in the country and about European framework.

The curriculum is designed to response to the necessity of law-graduated students in a very important and widespread branch of justice. The subjects cover issues and contemporary developments in areas of obligations and contracts, commercial litigation, property rights, competition law or litigation with object private subjective rights.  Especially in Kosovo, this programme suited to legal interactions between private citizens and practitioners engaged issues that are vitally important to lawyers involved

The graduated will have employment opportunities in private law-oriented law firms, in multinational companies around the world, national and local public institutions responsible for private law legislation, agencies and academic research.

Kosovo legislation is in process of approximation with the Acquis Communitare is one of the actual requirements, which face the lawyers with the necessity for modern specialists, capable to resolve cases, which have appliance in private law and international private law. Most related to international private relations are those from commercial law, complex cases with facts that required the appliance national civil laws or the law of another country, especially if it a EU member country. Also, Students develop critical thinking and research skills as coursework provides an overview of intellectual property, international trade agreements for free trade, law enforcement, legalization of property procedure, guaranteeing the free movement of international trade.

The Law Faculty of UBT College has designed a study programme as a specialization of law education in Kosovo, enabling the next generation lawyers with practical skills, fostering the highest standards of ethics, promoting the fair administration of justice, and increasing the professional competition between civil lawyers. The program builds on the knowledge of the Bachelor program, the traditions of civil law studies and the contemporary demands civil lawyers, who can earn a career prospects in the government, law firms or corporations or even in a private practice.