The Mission The Mission of UBT Law Faculty is to educate the qualified professionals who contribute to the advancement of rule of law, growth and sustainable development through many innovative processes, including an effective balance of learning outcomes, assessment, and learning activity that are designed to produce lawyers who are creative and open to new ideas. The role of UBT Law Faculty is to encourage research in law and interdisciplinary facets of law.


The Vision

Our vision is to be the most premier legal education resource for students in the region, delivering an innovative academic environment for outstanding student and scholarly experience.


The values of UBT Law Faculty are as follows:

  • Integrity and academic freedom
  • Student-centered Faculty
  • Excellence and visibility of knowledge
  • Ethical Behavior and Responsibility
  • Cooperation and Partnerships
  • Competence and Diversity
  • Honor and Public Trust
  • Equality and Acceptance
  • Privacy


 Strategic Documents of Faculty: