Scientific Research

The Law Faculty of UBT has been encouraging and permanently correlates the academic education with the scientific research. The development of the scientific research in the Law faculty under the vision of the UBT as an higher education institution has been conducted from the needs for connection between research and the development of the applied scientific research in the society, establishing scientific cooperation with industry or related scientific institutions in the country and abroad.
The scientific research activities are organized in the institutional level and in individual level from the staff in the process of their professional growth.
The scientific research has been considered a mechanism for the advancement of legal education, the professional development of new generations of academic and scientific researcher staff, the students’ inclusion in the scientific research projects or exchange of knowledge and experience and participating in joint projects.
Over the past years, the Faculty has been part of the organization of a large number of scientific research activities as debates, symposiums, conferences, which have significantly contributed to the development of the legal science.
The Faculty of Law of the UBT focuses on the in-depth of scientific research competencies of its members among others through supporting the aim of each conference. The major institutional conference, with a high international participation is held every autumn. The topics of the UBT International Conferences have encouraged the faculty’s members to contribute in the law science and for the society. Electronic versions of the conference proceedings are available on the university scientific web portal – and they are a source of information for the professional groups and the students.
Also, UBT is part of organization partners in Balkans on conferences dedicated to the Cyber space and Cyber Security , where the members of law Faculty can contribute on.
The papers presented at these scientific meetings are published in the Faculty thematic collections of papers, which provides for the dissemination of scientific knowledge and ideas.
The Faculty and the rectorate support the academic staff to take part in international conferences, to publish in indexed scientific reviews, to visit foreign institutions and engage in joint research and creation of publications. IDEAA is the Institute for Education and Research Excellence, which supports the academic, research and professional capacity building for UBT units, as well as other outside groups of interests; provides outgoing and incoming mobility opportunities for academic staff, researchers and students and promotes a triple-helix cooperation approach between UBT Faculties and research institutes and industry;
One of the priorities of the faculty’s strategic plan is to provide its academic staff with proper and high quality facilities for scientific research that will enable them to extend the learning outcomes or enrich the auditorium debates.
The Faculty of Law in UBT and its members collaborate on national as well as international research projects.