Regarding the current legal rules and principles Law Faculty encourages students to think far beyond the the rules by:The Law programme at UBT intended to give a broadly and fundamental information on the principles viewed from an academic and vocational perspective.

helping the students to keep focus on their eventual experiences and academic goals;
providing second year LLB students with links to firms/legal organizations that they would not otherwise have the opportunity to foster at this stage of their degree, based on the connections of UBT Law Faculty already has with the profession and to foster new links;
supporting students to believe that the current economic situation does not impact on work experience opportunities for students;
strengthening links between the academic study of law and the practice of law in order to ease transition from one to another;
addressing student feedback which suggests to the administrative and academic structures or other forums out of institution;
encouraging students reassess their future plans as not all students know, at this stage of their study, what form of career realization they will choose.