UBT’s strongly contributing to industry and community, and is also heavily relying on the broad geographical reach and services that UBT provides. As a result it offers a wide range of activities in various fields such as; education, training, research and counseling provided by the organization serves a wide range of clients. Meanwhile, it is worth emphasizing that this diversity includes international organizations in various sectors; a wide range of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) both urban and rural-based; public sector and community and voluntary organizations. UBT also contributed to improving social and economic life by using its international knowledge networks to create opportunities for local enterprises, public bodies and the community and voluntary organizations to participate in international projects, thereby enhancing their knowledge base, networks trading and effectiveness.


Our outcomes in relation to community
Number of partners from the sector of industry89121260
Number of projects from the sector of industry223672
Number of quotations from scientific work1860468012,000
Rate of students employment98.8100


As far as enterprises are concerned we are capable of providing assistance and advice in staff recruitment process, performance system deployment, company auditing, market and competition analysis, new product launches, business process redesign, strategy development, project management training, digitalization of enterprises, certification of products and processes with ISO standards.