Risks and Security

UBT is highly committed to contribute and as matter of a fact is a leader in IT security. As a result, UBT has established UBT Cert and the main focus of the center is:

  • Cyber ​​security policy and strategy
  • Cyber ​​culture and society
  • Education, training and upgrading of cyber security skills
  • The legal framework
  • Standards, organizations and technology


UBT is also a member of FIRST

The UBT Computer Emergency Response Team, known as UBT CERT, is the first organization from Kosovo to join the world’s largest security organization “FIRST”, as a result of meeting the required infrastructure requirements. legal and technical aspects of IT.

The membership process of this organization has been positively evaluated initially by the Croatian CERT and then by the Norwegian CERT, as the membership was made on the basis of votes by the board members of the FIRST organization.



FIRST members:


UBT CSP – Cyber ​​Security and Privacy: