Health and Medicine

Within UBT we have our licensed polyclinic and within the dental services we provide the following services.


  1. Control visit;
  2. Screening visits with RtG;
  3. Toothpaste cleanser;
  4. Pastrami of concerts and gingival massages;
  5. ZoomTeeth Whitening;
  6. Filling with class I composite;
  7. Filling with class II and III composites;
  8. Filling with class V composite;
  9. Filling with MOD composite reconstruction;
  10. Endodontic healing (filling of a root canal) with filling with composite
  11. Endodontic healing (double root canal filling) with composite filling
  12. Endodontic healing (three root canal filling) with composite filling
  13. Treatment of tooth with calcium hydroxide
  14. Drainage;
  15. Tooth sealant;
  16. Fluoridation;
  17. Treatment of the tooth with pulpar and parapulpar pins / piece



  1. Removal of the old bridge;
  2. Porcelain metal crowns;
  3. Crowns of zirconium;
  4. Temporary crowns;
  5. Splints;
  6. Metal reconstruction;
  7. Reconstruction from zirconium;
  8. Temporary dentures;
  9. Telescopic crowns;
  10. Telescopic crown prosthesis;
  11. Total prosthesis for a jaw;
  12. Denture with attachment method;



  1. Mobile device;
  2. Modified mobile device;
  3. Mono-Block Functional device;
  4. Other functional appliances;
  5. Fixed apparatus of a jaw;
  6. Fixed apparatus of a porcelain briquette jaw;
  7. Ring for orthodontic apparatus;
  8. Construction of briquette;
  9. Mobile retainer;
  10. Retainer translucent for a jaws;
  11. Fixed retainer;
  12. Mobile device repairs;
  13. Fixed apparatus with lingual technique for jaws;
  14. Tablet for bruxism (teeth grinding);



  1. Extraction of milk teeth with spray anesthesia;
  2. Extraction of milk teeth with ampoule anesthesia;
  3. Tooth extraction;
  4. Complicated tooth extraction;
  5. Tooth extraction with surgical treatment;
  6. Extraction of impacted tooth;
  7. Apicoetomy;
  8. Incision of intraoral abscess;
  9. Incision of extra-oral abscess;
  10. Frenulumectomy;
  11. Periodontal surgery;
  12. 8-day operation without surgery;
  13. 8-day operation with surgery;
  14. Canine exposure;
  15. Pre-prosthetic surgery;
  16. The sinus plastic;
  17. Implant placement;
  18. Raise the sinus;


COVID testing laboratory


In addition to the medical laboratory of clinical microbiology “Medical & Laboratory Services” in Pristina, licensed to perform tests with PCR method, is also the clinical medical laboratory “UBT” in Lipjan.


Virological test with PCR method shows if the virus is active, by analyzing swabs from the nose and throat. However, through serological tests, citizens can find out if they have exceeded the coronavirus and if they have developed antibodies against COVID-19, the disease caused by this virus