Energy and Environment

Energy and the Environment are key factors for sustainable development. Sustainable development represents development without compromising the capabilities of future generations to meet their needs. Globalization, intensification, innovation, research and sustainable development, they are the driving forces of the 21st century, addressed by development and competition in order to guarantee growth and employment. Due to the rapid growth of population as well as economic development, states need to think about developing a strategy for sustainable development and environmental protection. Therefore, innovative, low-cost, no-pollution, defect-free and perfect sustainable industrial production processes are increasingly being promoted.

In this respect, it is worth emphasizing that coal in Kosovo is the main resource, but also the main producer of electricity and today the most encouraging producer for a sustainable environment. Kosovo power plants annually donate about 2 million tons of ash, about 100,000t of sulfur, 12t of arsenic, about 3t of beryllium, 1t of cadmium, 351t of nickel, 492t of titanium, 191t of manganese etc.

Meanwhile, Energy and the Environment surround us from all sides with applications reaching the top of every sector of society that extend from factories, cars, buildings, etc. Therefore, the interconnection of Energy and Meadows by training future generations of engineers and providing a comprehensive set of skills is very important for the energy engineering industry as a whole and for the environment and society.


We within UBT can offer professional services such as:

  • Energy audit
  • Expertise on all types of renewable energies.
  • Vocational Education for Energy Efficiency
  • Professional training for Electrical Installer
  • Professional alternative energy advice
  • Power grid design