Due to the growing demand for supplies in the industrial sector, (just in time procurement), UBT has established a Sustainable Transport Policy Lab capable of arranging freight and people transport, our professional teams can help you choose the means of transport, the most appropriate ways, assess the risk during transport and compile the timetables.
Meanwhile, sustainable Transport Treatment which is defined as “mobility through safe, affordable, accessible, environmentally friendly and integrated modes of transport”, Sustainable Transport Lab is an independent research and development, which continuously aims to bring forth innovative and practical solutions to transportation problems.


Research can help the community to:
• Identify the best and most innovative solutions to transportation problems;
• Identify the benefits, costs and effects of alternative transportation policies and programs;
• Compare and carry out the assessment of various alternatives;
• Create bridges of communication between theory and practice;
• Researching, identifying and communicating the best and most innovative solutions for
Improving the availability and quality of data and statistics on the operation of urban transport and
decision-making systems at local, regional and national levels;
• Supporting local authorities in developing, implementing and testing new and innovative approaches to
urban transport and mobility under realistic conditions.