Production and Automation

Despite of the challenges facing businesses today include job shortages, decline of unemployment rates

and high staff turnover. The impact of these trends can be expected to increase in the future due to the

increasing trend of population aging. Within the framework of modern manufacturing, businesses

continue to achieve ever-higher levels of productivity through automation.

Meanwhile along with the process of Automation should have a tangible effect on company financial

capital. As a result, manufacturing the highest quality products gives the business a competitive

advantage. Furthermore, faster production can reduce unit costs and improve customer satisfaction by

positively impacting revenue as well. Efficiency improvements can increase plant capacity and prevent

costly expansion of production lines.


We within UBT can offer professional services such as:

  • Design of automatic production lines
  • Professional advice in the field of industry
  • Maintenance of production lines
  • Replacement of analogue systems with digital systems
  • Industrial product design
  • Training in the field of production automation
  • Training in production management