The world’s largest virtual technology company, EON Reality and UBT, delivered the second level training where they trained and certified dozens of UBT professors for AVR Educator, specifically virtual reality.



 Furthermore, UBT professors are trained by international virtual education experts Mohamad Ridwan Othman, Nicole Pallares and Ridwan Othman, who are already the only ones in the Balkans who have been certified to enable the installation and practice of virtual reality in the Kosovo education system, always through practical lessons.


 In addition, certified professors are capable of designing a complete lesson plan including augmented reality learning, and at the same time being capable to design teaching, in relevance with AVR-based pedagogical approaches.


Designed to bring augmented and virtual reality solutions to as many people as possible worldwide, the EON-XR removes the barriers that often come with incorporating AR and VR into an academic or industrial environment.


Through EON-XR, educators, trainers, employers and other users are able to create interactive and comprehensive AR and VR lessons without the need for any advanced coding or technological knowledge. Lessons can then be distributed to their audience of students, interns, employees or the general public for consumption on common devices, ranging from smartphones to laptops to publicly available headphones.


EON-XR is preparing millions of students, staff and citizens for the present and the future, while replacing and assisting traditional training and teaching methods in dozens of countries around the world.


For more inforation please send email to [email protected] and visit https://hubs.ubt-uni.net/avr/