UBT is recognized all over the region as a center of educational excellence, a place where a new generation of future designers is starting their careers.  Indeed this is achieved by putting students at the center of our learning practice “Everywhere, Any Time “.

Meanwhile, the study spaces of this program are equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment students need for all specializations, including textile and fashion design, graphic and communication design, product design, as well as building and furnishing.

Moreover, in order to get the most out of students’ unique view of the industry and its historical context, through the Integrated Design laboratories and the professors leading the practice, a personalized and highly flexible approach to the benefit of students of each specialization is practiced. As a result, students are offered specialized facilities, equipment, tools and resources in the work studios located on the main UBT campus in Lipjan.

We at UBT can help you design products, organize exhibitions, train your team.