Project management

Program type: Basic training program, Supplementary training program

Linking the program to the type of teacher license

 Beginner teacher

Targeted group of teachers / Attendees


Teachers who will be able to participate in the training are teachers from Primary School, Lower Secondary School, and High School. Teachers will benefit from this training because they will analyze the success of students and their shortcomings in order to predict the success trends of students in the future and to confirm their assumptions about improving quality during the teaching process.

This program has a duration of 16 academic hours, where the distribution of hours is as follows:

Theory 8 50%
Practice 6 37,5%
Self-study 0 0%
Evaluation 1 6.25
Total: 16 100%


Program results

Nowadays business development, project managers are faced with managing complex projects with limited budgets and scarce resources. To avoid duplication of work, delays or setbacks, project managers need advanced tools and techniques to adapt to the frequent changes in this business environment.