Multiple intelligence in children

Program type: Supplementary training program


 Linking the program to the type of teacher license

Beginner teachers

Targeted group of teachers / attendees
Participants who will be able to participate in this training are teachers from Primary and Lower Secondary School, and High School. Participants will benefit from this training program because they will gain valuable knowledge about the multiple intelligences of school-age children and will be challenged to identify and stimulate talent in their students.

This program has a duration of 30 academic hours, where the distribution of hours is as follows:

Theory 10 33,3%
Practice 10 33,3%
Self-study 8 26.6%
Evaluation 2 0.6%
Total: 30 100%

Upon completion of the training teachers will be able to:

– understand in more detail about the types of intelligence in children

– distinguish different talents in children

– recognize intelligence as a process

– are able to identify individual changes in intelligence in children

– are able to foster and support different talents in students

– understand their important role in supporting children with different talents