Basics of security in information technology

Basics of security in information technology

Program type: Basic training program

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 Beginner teacher

Career teacher

Advanced teacher
Targeted group of teachers / attendees

Teachers who will be able to participate in the training are teachers from Primary School, Lower Secondary School, and High School.

Teachers will benefit from this training because they will understand the basic elements of data security tools such as access control mechanisms, authentication tools and cryptographic constructs. This program has a duration of 40 academic hours, where the distribution of hours is as follows:


Theory 10 30%
Practice 20 45%
Self-study 8 20%
Evaluation 2 5%
Total: 40 100%


Upon completion of the training teachers will be able to:

  • Define levels of protection and response to security incidents
  • Develop a robust and reasonable information security system, with appropriate interference detection and reporting features
  • Identify the aspect of security activities, methods, methodologies and procedures
  • Perform inspection and protection of information assets
  • Detect and respond to threats to information assets
  • Review procedures before and after the incident
  • Provide technical and managerial responses

Present an overview of information security planning and staffing functions