Cognitive and social development of children aged 6-12

Cognitive and social development of children aged 6-12

Program type: Supplementary training program


 Linking the program to the type of teacher license

Beginner teachers

Targeted group of teachers / attendees The participants who will be provided with this training are the teachers from the Primary Cycle to the 6th grade of the Lower Secondary Cycle

Teachers will benefit from this training program because they will be trained in the cognitive and social development of children aged 6-12. It is important for teachers to have knowledge of cognitive and social development, as they have knowledge of the brain work of this age groups and the way of establishing their social relations. This makes it possible for teachers to create and discover different ideas, which will help in the combination of fruitful methods in teaching. The training and professional development of teachers in this regard develops the cognitive and social skills of this age group in the field of education and more.

This program has a duration of 30 academic hours, where the distribution of hours is as follows:


Theory 10 33,3%
Practice 10 33,3%
Self-study 8 26,6%
Evaluation 2 0,6%
Total: 30 100%


Upon completion of the training teachers will be able to:

– develop knowledge on theories of cognitive and social development
– summarize knowledge of current research on brain development and social adaptation and potential implications for teaching
-explain the principles in cognitive and social development theories according to Piaget, Vygotski and Erikson
– create an appropriate and inclusive learning environment based on these principles.
– promote socialization and recognition among pers
– stimulate the development of different capacities, through combined teaching methods, based on practices based on the ideas of Vygotsky, Piaget and Erikson