Professional presentation

Program type: Basic training program

Linking the program to the type of teacher license


Beginner teacher

 Career teacher

Targeted group of teachers / attendees

Teachers who will be able to participate in the training are teachers from Primary School, Lower Secondary School, and High School. Effective presentation skills will enable you to deliver information in a professional, persuasive way. You will also be able to lead the meeting, the discussion, the presentation on any issue that you are charged with doing. A skill that is important for the supervisor and all those who want to be effective is to have a good knowledge of the communication process and how to present effectively.

This program has a duration of 8 academic hours, where the distribution of hours is as follows:

Theory 4 50%
Practice 3 37.5%
Self-study 0 0
Evaluation 1 12.5%
Total: 8 100%


During the training teachers will learn:

  • Prepare for presentation
  • Structure and plan a presentation / speech
  • List the elements of the presentation / speech that may affect the effectiveness of the presentation.
  • Use key techniques for an effective presentation / speech