Effective classroom management

Program type: Basic training program

Linking the program to the type of teacher license


Beginner teacher

Targeted group of teachers / attendees


Traditional classrooms have consistently been characterized by teacher-centered pedagogy, and the approach to rewards and punishments for classroom management has been used in classrooms. While classes have become more student-centered recently, classroom management has continued to follow the previous pattern. This training explores classroom management in the context of a student-centered active classroom and helps teachers redesign their classrooms where learning is effectively managed. The teachers who will be able to participate in the training are the teachers from the Primary School, the Lower Secondary Primary School, and High School. In addition to teachers, coordinators and school leaders who are eager to turn their classrooms into effective learning locations for all their students can also be part of the training. This program has a duration of 40 academic hours, where the distribution of hours is as follows:


Theory 15 37,5%
Practice 15 37,5%
Self-study 8 20%
Evaluation 2 5%
Total: 40 100%


Upon completion of the training teachers will be able to:
– learn and practice reflective tools for creating common rules and developing skills for managing and resolving conflicts
– develop working methods to provide a positive and welcoming environment for students
– analyze and improve current practices to develop a student-centered learning approach
– get acquainted and experiment with practical activities, ICT tools and collaborative techniques to be used for interactive learning opportunities
– develop effective classroom management strategies for personal and social development (eg self-confidence, team building, leadership, etc.)
– exchange best practices and share experiences related to classroom management with teachers and teaching staff